• Venture SWOT Jalapeno Poppers [3 grams]

    • Outline the Functional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your venture to date (i.e. a SWOT analysis)

    • Incorporate Porter's 5 Forces framework in your analysis (you can Google it)

Strengths: My application provides a functionality that is already in the market, but do it in ways the break down barriers to usage, to data access, and to price. On Usage, we break barriers to adoption by providing one application for every public space, instead of one application for each public space or city, which is the current model. On Data Access, we break down data silos by creating one pool of data issues that is simply filtered by user account settings, which allows one issue report to be relevant to many different levels of subscribing users - a city, metro system, nonprofit and Federal Government agencies may all be interested in one particular user report... for example, a particular issue report regarding water or flooding. On Price, we break barriers to entry for subscribers by changing the access to this kind of capability to one that doesn't involve procurement of a unique mobile and web application for each individual city or entity that wants this kind of capability, and we change this by creating a solution and then delivering it on a subscription model. This subverts the RFP government procurement process by decreasing the dollar amount of initial financial outlay.

Weaknesses: Other companies are further ahead in product development and delivery,and are better capitalized than we currently are. So our weakness is financing and a lack of a completed MVP.

Opportunities: We have an opportunity to change the market and become a market leader by creating the next logical step in bringing social networks, apps, and big data to local public spaces.

Threats: Current threats are other competitors currently in the market, who are mostly commercial players. Future threats involve a large tech company deciding that the government and public market is a large or interesting enough market opportunity for a large investment - entry of a large tech player like Google or Facebook would be market changing.

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